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Weezzi Builder
Revolutionary Development Platform

Boost your developments
Distinct Coding Layers
Three layers architecture to robustly scale and handle any scope changes either from database, business logic or interface
Code only what needed
Be free from time consuming repetitive tasks. Weezzi Builder creates all base code automatically saving time and giving bug free code
Automatic Code Generation
Baseline code is automatically generated. Code only what humans can do and leave all the rest to Weezzi Builder
Instant deployments
Deploy changes in fractions of second saving dozens of hours per month just waiting to test changes
Do it visually with new advanced meta types
Advanced meta-types
With advanced meta-types, Weezzi Builder enables to save hundreds of hours of work implementing complex projects with bug free generated code out of the box
Multi-language ready
Built from the ground up with multi-language capacities
Multiple database
MySQL, Oracle, PosGres*, MSSQL* and MongoDB* ready
Autonomous updates
Automatic updates keeps Weezzi Builder always updated
Increased productivity even on the most demanding projects
Editor pattern
Many projects need to know who has created or last edit its data, with Weezzi Builder you can do this effortlessly without any extra codings
Publisher pattern
In many use cases there is need to publish or unpublish data, Weezzi Builder this can be done with just a click of a button
Tree pattern
Create effortlessly categories or data trees, bug free and automatically generated both for database and business logic
Ordering pattern
Be able to order records out of the box with Weezzi Builder
Trashable pattern
This advanced feature enables data to be deleted and not be being visible, marked as trash and later be restored or permenantly deleted
And much more...
Experience the full scope of Weezzi builder with many more built-in features that reduce coding effort and increase team productivity
Images, Videos or Files taken care effortlessly
Image & Image lists
Include images as an advanced field and all will be taken care, storing and retrieving images transparently in a scalable and highly performance manner
Add and handle videos in data structure with a click of a button
Include files or file lists to any data structure in a easy manner and builder will generate all code accordingly
Address, Phone & Emails
Create phone or email fields of various types (home, work, office, etc) with built-in data types
Extend your data security to a whole new level
Encrypted data
Extend your security level with business logic data encryption ensuring that only your application can read its data, guaranteeing data safety even on a database data breach
Salted encryptions
With salted encryption, encrypt your data to the highest level on top of database encryption
Multi-language constants
Create constants and present them in the interface in different languages without any special coding effort
Data Groups & Notes
Organize developments in groups for easier reading and notes to comment and remember your implementation choices
Efficient Programming
Code only what needed
Visual Coding
Create visually business logic, with great interfaces and multiple use cases. From queries, updaters, special executers or auto-complete lists
Automatic code generation
Code is generated on the fly increasing productivity and enabling to respond with ease to even the most demanding scope changes
Caching engine generation
Weezzi unparallel caching engine is able to detect data changes and transparently take care of cache releases accross individual records or list records
Block getters
Be ready to handle millions of rows of data. This feature handles transparently access to enormous amount of data saving memory and retrieving only the necessary data, while maintaining caching capabilities
Single or multiple data
Create queries in seconds either to retrieve one or multiple records
SIMEL query language
Code less with query variable binders and code content evaluation to take multiple query cases in one line of code
Web services
Web services ready builder & framework
Visual Coding
Visually setup webservices, methods and data objects
Automatic code generation
Web service code is automatically generated with all stubs and objects
WSDL Import
Import existing WSDLs to easy import web services directly into projects
Asynchronous tasks made simple and hot deployable
Asynchronous tasks
Create asynchronous tasks and deploy them at any time into application
Automatic code generation
All timers code is taken care by the builder, implement only what it has meant to do
Data file imports or exports made easy
Visual coding
Visually create data files structure to import or export with ease your data
Automatic code generation
All files read and wrtite code is taken care by the builder saving you hours of coding and debugging
Code only what humans need to code, all rest is automatically generated
Weezzi HTML Tags
With a complete framework of html tags that are skinnable to fit any design preferences but keeping same functional structure so that developments are not affected by design changes
Component based
To achieve the highest performance, interface flexibility and reausability our technology uses a component based page architecture
Give even specific HTML, CSS or Javascript to each device
Per component
Each component has capabilities of delivering different outputs per device, browser or version
Per page structure
Not only by component but also page structure can be totally different per each device, achiving a enormous level of flexibility for any project scope type
HTML, Scripts or CSS
Create simple and faster code either that fits one or multiple devices at once acheiving exactly what required without compromising design preferences or device specific interactions
Apps Ready
Develop also for web view enabled apps as you would do for any web
Handle multi-language projects with ease
Per component
Easily handle multi-language requirements with built in dictionary editor and integration with SIMEL language
Per Module
Translations that can be used among different components across a module
Globally to site
Translations that can be common to the application and reused across all components and modules
Image scaling and effects out-of-the-box
Image Scaling & Cropping
Scale and crop images in different formats and settings
Image Effect Builder
Create astonishing image effects to enhance your application visuals to professional levels
Pre & Post effects
Various effects available to be applied before or after the image render
Easily include watermarkings in the site images
Improve productivity with the visual web forms builder
Build froms in seconds
Create forms in seconds and deploy them live
Media Components
Simplified form editing with advanced components fully integrated with datamodelc
Dynamic actions
Set actions that dynamically interact with server transparently
Skinnable forms
Each form element uses the selected site skin built with Weezzi Styler and can be changed independently
Multi-language ready
All form fields are multi-language enabled in both title and descriptions
Automatic generated
Form code is automatically generated and you just need to fill the values of the form
Servlets made easier and instant deployable
Visual builder
Create visually your servlets either for simple http servlets, ajax servlets or auto-complete fields servlets
Create any actions
Extend servlet with many actions and use them easily through the weezzi ajax javascript framework that handles everything for you
Code generator
Code is automatically generated to match the servlet parameters and you just need to add your code
Transparent interactions
Low level javascript and serverside servlet coding is automatically done
Info, Warnings & Errors
Send errors, warnings or information dialogs to the user with a simple line of code.
Instant updates
Update your test or live system in fractions of a second and see changes live imediatly without having to restart the whole server
Create websockets easily
Visual editor
Visual editor for websockets with actions setup
Automatically generated
Code automatically generated and instant hot deploys
Custom actions
Create actions that can be handled in server and client side
Code only what you need
Automated code generation to save time and get more focus on application coding
Build easier and much faster
Pre-Built scenarios
Create in minutes complex backoffice management areas with page templates such as table based lists, lists with trees, etc.
Faster developments
Backoffice represents normally about 80% of the development efforts, with Weezzi Builder project length can be significantly reduced
Built-in security access
Security access to backoffice is handle and base level behind your application to warrantee truly secured management environment
Component based
As in the site all page structure is component based keeping the simplicity and extensibility
Handle billions of records effortlessly
Visual Editor
Create tables in a dynamic visual editor
Code generation
Table code is generated automatically, just need to fill the data to present
Sortable fields
Effortlessly setup table filter and sortable columns to match customer needs
Use with billions of records
With progressive loading create tables that can have billions of records without any extra developments
Ordering tables
Extended capabilities of ordering records are built-in and handled simply
Publish & Unpublish
Ready for tables that have publish and unpublish needs so that your backoffice is implemented as quickly as possible
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