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Weezzi Server
High performance innovation server
Innovation for Web
Innovative Data Caching
Revelutionary web caching specific implementations capable to release changes without additional programming providing instananeous page rendering times
Unique Page Rendering
Our innovative web page rendering engine, can render dynamic pages practically at speeds of common static content pages.
Built-in WebAccelerator
Weezzi Server has built-in web accelerator technology with improved optimizations to accelerate even more
Instant Hotdeploys
Deploy changes into development or production without restarting the whole server. Just deploy what you need, instant updating your app or site without wasting time restarting gaining several working days per month
Faster developments
Code and address scope changes in much lesser time lowering your costs and maintain high code quality with Weezzi Builder
Add more servers without worrying about configurations, plug-in a new server and it will integrate with existing servers automatically.
Clusterable and high performance architecture
Weezzi Central
Real-time monitoring of infrastructure across all servers
CDN Page rendering
Content Delivery Network optimized page rendering without any extra coding needed on the development side
Cluster real-time monitoring
Monitor servers and applications with Weezzi Central to know performance issues and cross server logging
Stateful or Stateless
Either if you prefer stateful or stateless architectures to states to scale up to your needs and preferences
Advanced built-in security features
Malware detection
Weezzi Server has built-in technologies to make your web applications safer & secure detecting malware probes and reacting to attackers in real-time.
Code Obfuscation
Activate & obfuscate all your code with a push of a button, no thirdparties needed, fully integrated and much easier to test
Session tracking & surveilance
Built-in surveilance accross all server requests, immediate actions upon malware or intrusion attempts detection
Denial of Service Detection
Each server has denial of service algorithm detections to prevent as soon as possible potential attacks to the infrastructure
Gain Productivity
Easy your development efforts
Increased productivity and development focus
Multiple OS Support
Either Linux, Mac or Windows your server will run anywhere.
Instant Hotdeploys
Gain various developer working days per month. Just deploy what need, instant updating your app or site without wasting time restarting the whole server
Client-server AJAX Framework
With an integrated ajax framework you can develop new advanced features in seconds instead of hours
Client-server Web Sockets Frameworks
Create web-socket base applications in minutes with simple few lines of code and deploy them effortlessly
Built-in Social Network Integration
Make signin directly from any social networks effortlessly
Built-in Payment Platforms
Paypal, Stripe and other payment platforms are implemented already for you.
Distinct Site & Backoffice environments
Our technology handles site and backoffice in specific development environments reducing development efforts, better security and maximize productivity
Messaging systems integration
Out-of-the-box integration with Weezzi Messaging Server to scale your application to another level with asynchronous messaging
Web Services Ready
Create, deploy & update your web services in a couple of minutes
Distinct deployment enviroments
Configure and deploy semeously to the desired environment making development, stating, pre-production, acceptance and production migrations easier and efficient
Native Image & Sprites Engine
Built-In Sprite Builder
With Weezzi Styler you can change your layouts design in no time and deploy to each site independently changing it instantly
Image Scaling & Effects
With a built-in image effects, cropping & scaling features you can create the most astonishing images and optimize them from server side reducing bandwidth needed from the client and guarenting the best quality for the device that is accessing.
Retina Ready
Advanced image render with built-in retina displays support
Media & Asset Manager
Built-in Asset Manager
Full featured asset manager to handle any media or files easily and transparently accross all site
Video Streaming
Stream videos, sounds or other media creating the fast user experiences
Simple Expressions Language
SIMEL - A Language for Web
Innovative language to fasten project development
Variable binders
Fill contents easily with the data you wish
HTML, CSS or Javascripts
Can be used across either HTML, CSS or Javascripts
Obfuscation ready
Select what you wish to obfuscate with ease to transparently later obfuscate all your code
Complex evaluations
Extended functions to achieve complex features with ease and minimum effort
Multiple Devices, Browsers & Languages
Built to be cross platform and real case web scenarios
Multi-Device Ready
Mobile is more than just responsive web pages, with our technology you can deploy easily specific code to each device accordingly to your needs
Multi-Language Ready
Built from the ground up to be multi-language ready our page rendering engine makes developers life much simple and easier.
Multi-Site Enabled
Deploy multiple different solutions into one server with ease and simplicity
Create custom code for specific browsers
Weezzi Server
Weezzi Builder
Weezzi Styler
Web Accelerator
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